Ancillary Rules of Calling Shotgun in a Vehicle

2.9 Alternate Seats – Riding Bitch

Once the Shotgun seat has been called by someone, the other less prestigious seats in the car may be claimed using the same rules as calling Shotgun. Example: you can say "back-right" or "window". 2.9.1 Riding Bitch You may also call negations, such as "not back-center" which would put you in any seat except for [...]

2.8 Garages

If you enter a garage that is connected to a house or building without having to go outside, then you may call Shotgun as soon as you enter the garage, if the vehicle is in the garage. This only applies to small attached garages. 2.8.1 Parking structures and detached garages, even small ones, are always [...]

2.7 The Balk

This rule is applied when you have called Shotgun and are waiting for the doors to be unlocked. If you lift the handle while the doors are being unlocked and therefore cause the Shotgun door to remain locked, then you are Voided for that ride. Once someone has balked, Shotgun becomes available for the other [...]

2.6 Sit Down

If you manage to sit in Shotgun before anyone has called it, you keep the position even if someone else calls Shotgun after you are seated. This is very similar to the Hand on Door rule where you do not actually have to say Shotgun, nor does anyone else have to be present, for you [...]

2.5 Hand On Door

Shotgun can no longer be called once someone's hand is holding the Shotgun door handle. This officially stakes their claim to Shotgun and calling it at this time is simply redundant. This is one scenario where a person does not actually have to say Shotgun to get the seat. The importance of this rule is [...]

2.4 Line-Of-Sight

In the situation of the Deed being an outdoor activity, you may not call Shotgun until the automobile is within your sight. This includes parking garages. This rule should be used when the passengers are outside for a long time and have traveled long distances from the car, as with a day of backcountry snow [...]

2.3 When The Deed Is Outdoors

If the Deed takes place outdoors, which it often does, the completion of the Deed must be agreed upon when Shotgun is called. This is usually done by someone announcing, "Let's Go", "We're Out", "Who's in?" or other event ending comments. Any disputes over the completion of the Deed can be easily settled with a quick round of Rock, [...]

2.2 Re-entry

If you call Shotgun verbally and then go back inside, or back to where the deed took place for some reason, you must re-call Shotgun after leaving the building. Be sure to check for your wallet, keys, ID, shoes, backpack, tablets, computers, cell phone, snacks, etc before heading out the door to call shotgun. 2.2.1 [...]

2.1 Footwear

Your footwear for the ride in Shotgun must be on your feet before you can call Shotgun. Since you must be outside to call Shotgun, some people will simply grab their shoes/sandals, jump outside the building, and call Shotgun before putting their shoes on. This has been deemed Gaping and is not a legal procedure. You must [...]

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