Shotgun has been used throughout pop culture, in movies, TV shows, literature and comedy.  Here is a list of just a few.

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(Page 6) “Lum Martin!” shouted McMonagle, owner of the Cow Ranch saloon, waving his finger in front of Benson’s face, “that’s the man – Lum Martin! He’s ridin’ shotgun for Wells Fargo – or was until last week – and he’s over in my saloon right now, playin’ solitaire!”

(Page 224) “I call shotgun!” Alexander cried. In the Hale family, this didn’t merely mean you got the seat next to the driver. You also had to use an actual shotgun.


  • Birds of Prey - Volume 1 93

    Birds of Prey – Volume 1 – DC Comics

    From Birds of Prey:

    Lady Blackhawk: You drive. I call shotgun.
    Gypsy: But Shiva’s already in that seat…
    Lady Blackhawk: No. I mean — I call shotgun.

Film – Animated

Film – Live Action

    • Blades of Glory(2007)

      Chazz: I permanently call shotgun.
      Jimmy: You do not get shotgun every time!

    • Dazed and Confused (1993)

      Slater: Shotgun! [repeated line]

    • PCU (1994)

      George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic pull up in their lost tour bus looking for the highway. Gutter tells them how long it will take to get back to the highway. Being as they are not going to make the concert Gutter asked George Clinton for a ride on the tour bus.
      George Clinton:Sure come on man.
      Gutter: Shotgun! [repeated line]

    • Hot Fuzz (2007)

      Danny Butterman: [running to police car] I’ll drive!
      Nicholas Angel: Shotgun!

    • Malibu’s Most Wanted (2003)

      B-Rad: [on being kidnapped and shoved into the trunk of a car] Shotgun!

    • Transformers (2007)

      Miles: Hey, I called shotgun! Bros before hoes, man!

    • FireFly

      River Tam slips into the co-pilot’s seat next to Captain Mal.
      Captain Mal: So, you gonna ride shotgun with me, help me fly?
      River Tam: That’s the plan.

    • Undercover Brother (2002)
      As the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. agents run to the hovercraft so they can escape The Man’s island, Conspiracy Brother calls out “Shotgun!”
    • Mystery Men (1999)
      Spleen: Shotgun!
      Blue Raja: Yes, well, I already called it, didn’t I?
    • Rushmore (1998)
      Bill Murray’s character, Herman Blume, is at the school Rushmore picking up his sons. Herman’s twin sons run up to the car. Ronnie calls shotgun, but Donnie fights him for it anyway. Bill Murray makes the correct call and tell’s Donnie to get in the back.

TV – Live Action

  • Psych episode “Rob-a-Bye Baby”:

    Burton Guster: Blimp rides!
    Shawn Spencer: Shotgun.
    Burton Guster: You can’t call shotgun on a blimp!
    Shawn Spencer: You can call shotgun anywhere except a crowded movie theater.

It becomes somewhat of a running joke. In the episode “Earth, Wind and…Wait for It” Shawn attempts to call shotgun on a fire station pole. Also in the episode “Truer Lies” Shawn again tries to call shotgun – this time on a hot air balloon. Both instances also follow up with Gus’s “You can’t call shotgun on X, Shawn.”

Sarah Connor: Field trip.
John Connor: I call shotgun.
Cameron Phillips: I call 9 mm.
  • Angel episode “The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco”:
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Yeah, remind me again how you ended up in the front seat.
Spike: Called shotgun, mate.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Oh. I thought we were doing a weapons check.
Michael Kelso: Fine, Shotgun!
Steven Hyde: There’s only two of us, you moron!

Michael Scott  calls shotgun, even though they’re taking Dwight to the hospital and he really should be in the front. Michael then explains the sanctity of the rule of shotgun and how it can’t be questioned.

Hank calls Shotgun during a ride-a-long, causing Karen, the actual policewoman, to ride in the back of the car. Later in the episode, Karen tries calling shotgun, but is told to grow up.

Joey and Chandler have traded apartments with Rachel and Monica, and they’re moving in. While carrying something into their new place…

Joey: I call Monica’s room!
Chandler: You can’t just call Monica’s room.
Joey: Sure I can. Standard shotgun rules: I’m in sight of the room and I call it.
Chandler: Damn!

Immediately after chastising Ted for buying a new car, Barney calls shotgun for all eternity, which he and Robin then argue about. It comes up again later when he (unsuccessfully) tries to enforce it and he and Robin get back into the argument.(Remember Shotgun ends when the Deed is done!)

In the episode where Simon gets his car, the boys are going to Thorpe Park, and he picks up Will first. Will naturally sits on the front seat, and when they stop to pick up Jay, Simon and Will both get out of the car to greet him. When Will is about to get back to the front seat, Jay instantly calls shotgun. Will has not heard of shotgun before, and it is explained to him, after which Jay and Simon insist he should sit at the backseat. Cue one of Will’s usual “unwritten rule I have never about heard before or just don’t like” rants. In a later episode, Simon lets his own girlfriend sit in the backseat, in the uncomfortable space between Will and Jay, just because Neil called shotgun, and she does not manage to change his mind. While Simon is often the Only Sane Man, he certainly has a noticeable quirk in how he follows the shotgun rules like they are laws with capital punishment for breaking them.

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are arrested for racing Lobsters. On the way to the Police Car:

Peter: Shotgun.
Jared: You can’t say shotgun, we’re probably riding in the back anyway. To Police Officer: Hey, if we are not, can I have shotgun?

TV – Animation

When the crew need to go inside Fry’s body with a miniature Planet Express Ship, both Bender and Zoidberg yell out, “Shotgun!” Bender beats Zoidberg to it.

Peter befriends Bill Clinton. When about to enter the former President’s limo, Peter pauses momentarily to express his awe before calling shotgun.

Cartman and his friends are on a trip to Nebraska, he called shotgun but Kenny is already sitting on the front. He tells Kenny to get out multiple times, but ignores. Until Cartman throws a dollar and Kenny leaves.

Manny calls out “Shotgun!” repeatedly, even though he’s already in the front seat. He says it’s just fun to yell it.

Batman, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are taking the Bug to Hub City Penitentiary, Booster says “Road trip! I call shotgun!” Gilligan Cut to Bats and Beetle in the front seats, while Booster sits in the back, protesting “I totally called shotgun!”

  • Archer – Deadly Velvet (3:47)

Archer rides on the back of a flatbed truck, but Luigi will only allow someone to ride shotgun in the truck if they are in for roadhead. Pam Poovey volunteers by calling shotgun. Archer Season 7 Episode 9



She’s riding shotgun like it ain’t no thing, turn the radio up so the girl can sing.

I was riding shotgun, With my hair undone, In the front seat of his car, He’s got a one-hand feel, On the steering wheel, The other on my heart…


“Last time I called shotgun we had rented a limo, so I fucked up!”

His buddy Dwayne would call shotgun even if he and Mitch were being forced into a car at gunpoint. “I’d be riding in the backseat with the other kidnapper going: *shrug* ‘He called it!'” Listen on YouTube (Warning: explicit)

HUGE THANKS TO TV Tropes for a lot of this information!


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