2.9 Alternate Seats – Riding Bitch

//2.9 Alternate Seats – Riding Bitch

2.9 Alternate Seats – Riding Bitch

multiseatsOnce the Shotgun seat has been called by someone, the other less prestigious seats in the car may be claimed using the same rules as calling Shotgun. Example: you can say “back-right” or “window”.

2.9.1 Riding Bitch
You may also call negations, such as “not back-center” which would put you in any seat except for “back-center.”


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  1. dale March 13, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    The seats are

    Major- Behind Shotgun because shotgun has to give you knee room
    Minor– Behind driver
    Hump (B@@@@) well you knw where that is

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