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Ancillary Rules of Calling Shotgun in a Vehicle

2.17 No Digital Shotgun Calls

Shotgun may not be secured through any digital form, such as text message, email, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, IRC, AOL, or any other digital medium. You may not use any app to call shotgun. A shotgun caller must be present with the driver to call Shotgun. In cases where riders are picked up by [...]

New Rules

Because Shotgun is a living entity and is constantly evolving for the greater benefit of mankind, new rules need to be created regularly. Anyone is welcome to implement their own rule if the situation arises. New rules often need to be created following a major discrepancy. The important thing to remember about this process is [...]

2.16 Discrepancies

If a discrepancy occurs (and they commonly do) over who rightfully gets Shotgun, it shall be settled with a single game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. A common application of this procedure takes place after two people call Shotgun at the exact same time.

2.15 The Mule

If the current Shotgunner chooses to remain in the automobile while the other passengers accomplish their deed, they may retain full rights to Shotgun. Often times not everyone needs to go inside when completing menial Deeds. Examples: Running to the ATM or Dropping off a Package. 2.15.1 Abuse of The Mule Rule: If a person is willing [...]

2.14 Shotgun Dictatorship

The driver of the vehicle governed by Shotgun Rules may not negate a valid Shotgun call for any reason. History: Many times the Shotgun Council of Elders has been petitioned to institute a Shotgun Override rule, allowing the driver of the car to negate a valid Shotgun call. This would undermines the whole purpose of calling [...]

Riding Bitch

Riding Bitch usually refers to an individual being forced to sit in the middle of the back seat or in between the two front seats in a two seat car.  If they don't call shotgun, the smallest person in the group will have to ride 'bitch'. This position in the vehicle can be enforced at any time [...]

2.9 Alternate Seats – Riding Bitch

Once the Shotgun seat has been called by someone, the other less prestigious seats in the car may be claimed using the same rules as calling Shotgun. Example: you can say "back-right" or "window". 2.9.1 Riding Bitch You may also call negations, such as "not back-center" which would put you in any seat except for [...]

2.13 No Reload

No one can call "Reload", "Blitz" or "Laser" to reset Shotgun at any time. History: Some people include an undemocratic rule in their Shotgun practice whereby "Reload", "Blitz" or "Laser" can be called, at which point a free-for-all to obtain Shotgun is initiated. In this practice, whoever manages to gain control of the Shotgun seat through [...]

2.12 No Seatback

You cannot call "seatbacks" for any reason in a automobile governed by the Shotgun Rules. Explanation: A popular residential variation of the Shotgun ritual is to call "Seatback" when getting up from a prized seat on a couch to go grab an ice-cold beer or to drain a now-warm beer into the toilet. Unfortunately, Seatback [...]

2.11 Shotgun Abandonment

If the Shotgunner exits the vehicle, Shotgun becomes available to the remaining passengers as soon as the existing Shotgun rider has opened the door to exit. Once Shotgun is available, you must call Shotgun before the other occupants. In this scenario, it is common for the other occupants to all call Shotgun at the time. If [...]