3.7 The Long Haul

On long haul trips, greater than 2 hours in length, Shotgun privileges should be divided equally amongst all passengers, as long as they are able to complete all Shotgun Responsibilities. The Shotgun Rules have been designed around the shorter trip (less than 2 hours).For longer journeys, it is best not to use these rules because [...]

3.6 Owner-Driver Switch

If someone is driving an automobile other than its owner and the owner becomes a passenger, then the owner automatically gets Shotgun. When applied, this rule shows respect to the owner of the car. 3.6.1 The owner of the vehicle must be able to carry out the responsibilities of Shotgun to retain Shotgun privileges. No [...]

3.5 Multiple Calls (Duplicate Calls)

Multiple calls or Duplicate Calls must be settled by playing a quick game of  Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Multiple Calls are a rare exception where more than one person may have rightfully called Shotgun. This happens when multiple groups of people are meeting at a car and both groups had someone claim Shotgun or [...]

3.4 Significant Others

If a significant other (SO) is included in the group of automobile passengers they automatically get Shotgun privileges, unless Mom is a passenger in the same car. SO's relationship must be public to all other passengers in the vehicle to automatically receive this privilege. SO's include but are not limited to driver's Husband, Wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, [...]

3.3 The Giraffe

If one of the riders of an automobile is extremely tall, and you have a small vehicle, your group of friends should consider granting that rider special Shotgun privileges. God has given this person a genetic gift/curse and forcing him in the back of a Subaru Justy or Mini Cooper could upset our world's karmic [...]

3.2 Hitchhikers

Hitchhikers cannot call Shotgun. They should be happy just to have a ride, and calling Shotgun in this situation is disrespectful. With this being said, there are scenarios in which you might prefer for your new companion sit up front. If said companion looks like the mangy, stabbin' kind of hitchhiker (Why did you pick [...]

3.1 I Love my Mommy

Moms automatically get shotgun, period. If you make your mom sit in the back seat, you are a evil person. 3.1.1 The oldest generation mother to the driver has first rights to Shotgun. Example: Great Grandma of the driver, gets Shotgun before Grandma. 3.1.2 The driver's mother gets shotgun, followed by the next alternate passenger's mother. 3.1.3 [...]