1.1 You Must Say The Word “Shotgun”

//1.1 You Must Say The Word “Shotgun”

1.1 You Must Say The Word “Shotgun”

must-say1You must say the word “Shotgun” to stake your claim on Shotgun. This must be done clearly and loud enough so that at least one other to-be occupant of the vehicle can hear you. No variations of this word are acceptable. After you have legally called Shotgun, you have exclusive rights to Shotgun for that ride and the deed is done. However, if no one verifies your Shotgun call, it is still fair game for everyone.

Any person who wishes to claim shotgun must actually pronounce the word “Shotgun”. One may not say the name of a type of shotgun, such as “12 Gauge.” If a passenger does, then he or she can lay no claim on shotgun, and  it may be called by another person.

A passenger may only receive shotgun if they says shotgun within the context of calling shotgun. For instance, a passenger may not be awarded shotgun if he says, “Did anybody call shotgun?,” or if they were talking about a shotgun.

If you reside in a non-English-speaking locale, Shotgun may be called by its native word. For instance, in Sweden, the word “Hagelbossa” may be pronounced, while in Germany, “Schrotflinte.”  Shotgun may be called in any language the driver is fluent in. “Fluent” is described here as being proficient enough in a language to understand conversation exchanges.

Order of preference rewards English (shotgun’s native language) then the language closest to the native language of the locale in which Shotgun is called. For instance, if the call is made is Sweden, and the only calls were “Schrotflinte” and “Escopeta” (Spanish), respectively, the seat will be given to the second caller, as German is closer-related to Swedish than Spanish is.

Once Shotgun has been claimed, alternate seats can be claimed in the same manor. After all, who wants to get caught riding bitch?



  1. Tom Samuel February 2, 2015 at 7:17 am

    I’ve called Shotgun before and my mate says Rosa Parks, and the says if I don’t give up my seat I’m a racist, because of the historical context, how should one proceed

  2. Casey Barnett February 2, 2015 at 8:08 am

    This is a complete misunderstanding of history and what Miss Rosa Parks did or rather did not do. She did not give up her seat on the bus. Therefore, If there was a Rosa Parks rule, which there is not, it would simply be you don’t have to give up shotgun if you are seated in the seat already, AKA Rule 2.6. Check the Unofficial rules for more. https://www.shotgunrules.com/unofficial-rules/

  3. Steve April 14, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    I live in a town with quite a few deaf people, reason being we have a rather large school dedicated to the education of the deaf. None of these rules incorporate a scenario in which a deaf person is present. The deaf do not speak in an understandable manor and therefore can’t call shotgun. Please make a rule extending to the deaf.

  4. Sky May 13, 2015 at 2:44 am

    And the blind ones. They can’t see the car. Then again, why need the front seat…hmmm…

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