Has anyone ever told you that their rule is an official Shotgun Rule, or tried to pass it off as a rule? Well let us know and we can clear up the question of if a rule is BS or not! BS rules listed below are not rules and by no means should be used to Call Shotgun.

Utterly BS Shotgun Rules that are unenforceable:

  • The Rosa Parks Rule‘: If a passenger yells Rosa Parks after you have called shotgun, you are racist if you don’t give them shotgun. This is not a rule at all. Rosa Parks did not give up her seat, there for you don’t get a seat if you say ‘Rosa Parks’. If this was a rule it would allow you to stay in Shotgun, if you were there first, before anyone called Shotgun, as Miss Rosa Parks was, then according to Rule 2.6, you keep shotgun.
  • When crossing the border into another country. All shotgun claims are void, and passengers may once again call shotgun. If another passenger gets it, the driver must pull over at his earliest and safest convenience.
  • The Car Painted (any color) Rule: Supposedly some drivers/passengers try to get out of allowing Shotgun to be played because of the color of their car. This is an offensive rule, and should never be followed. We here at Shotgun Rules believe that no color car should be discriminated against because of the color of its paint. All should be free to enjoy the game that is Shotgun.


Want know if a Shotgun call is BS? Ask our experts!

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