gaperGapers (gey-pers) are people who prioritize Shotgun much more than a normal human being. These people will alter their usual behavior and even undermine their own ethics in order to gain the rights to Shotgun. They do this through legal means, such as sprinting for an exit, and therefore their individual calls usually cannot be Voided. Being labeled a Gaper does not guarantee you Shotgun in every vehicle.

The term Gaper was coined after the most infamous Gaper of all, Will Henderson, rode Shotgun for 2 months straight, beating everyone to call Shotgun each time over that time. The advantage to being labeled a Shotgun Gaper, of course, is that you always achieve Shotgun through your diligence in calling Shotgun and wear the label proudly, you earned it. Being a Shotgun Gaper, however, is frowned upon and places a target on you for others to learn the rules and try to get Shotgun before you, through legal means.