1.2 The Deed Must Be Done Before Shotgun May Be Called

//1.2 The Deed Must Be Done Before Shotgun May Be Called

1.2 The Deed Must Be Done Before Shotgun May Be Called

deedFor the Shotgun Rules to work properly, it is essential that you understand and accept the concept of the “Deed.” Shotgun may only be called after the “Deed is Done.” Simply stated, the Deed is any activity or objective that directly precedes the ride in the automobile.

The Deed can be anything, ranging from a stop at a friend’s house, to a shopping trip at the mall, to frequenting a roadside rest-stop on an Interstate highway. Accepting the concept of the “Deed” is critically important because it establishes a Shotgun-calling time frame that ensures everyone has an equal chance of recognizing when to call Shotgun.

***There is no crime greater than calling Shotgun on Monday in reference to a ride to the concert on Friday.



  1. zerlure December 19, 2014 at 7:38 am

    I dunno if I will get an answer to this, but I was trying to find a rule on the following situation.

    Co-workers go out to lunch, someone calls shotgun. We eat (what I would deem “the deed”) and we head outside, I call shotgun, previous caller on the way to eat says the he has rights on the way back. because he called it earlier for the round trip, not to the first destination.


    • Matta December 19, 2014 at 5:30 pm

      That is most definitely “the deed”. To my knowledge, Shotgun must be called each time.. It should only count as a “round trip” if it is just a quick drive that doesn’t involve every passenger getting out. HE SHOULD BE PUNISHED WITH FIRE!!

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