3.4 Significant Others

//3.4 Significant Others

3.4 Significant Others

soIf a significant other (SO) is included in the group of automobile passengers they automatically get Shotgun privileges, unless Mom is a passenger in the same car. SO’s relationship must be public to all other passengers in the vehicle to automatically receive this privilege. SO’s include but are not limited to driver’s Husband, Wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance.

3.4.1 Ex-SO’s are not to be considered SO’s and must follow all other rules for calling Shotgun.

3.4.2 A potential SO of the driver, who does not already have an SO in the vehicle, automatically gets Shotgun privileges. The potential of an new SO must be known to all other passengers in the vehicle prior to the vehicle ride.  Friends should all be included in a driver’s plan to help the driver land a potential SO.