2.14 Shotgun Dictatorship

//2.14 Shotgun Dictatorship

2.14 Shotgun Dictatorship

dictatorshipThe driver of the vehicle governed by Shotgun Rules may not negate a valid Shotgun call for any reason.

History: Many times the Shotgun Council of Elders has been petitioned to institute a Shotgun Override rule, allowing the driver of the car to negate a valid Shotgun call. This would undermines the whole purpose of calling Shotgun in the first place and it makes the game subjective. A driver override rule is tantamount to a Shotgun Dictatorship and should not be tolerated anywhere, except possibly in North Korea.



  1. Christopher J Barnsworth July 21, 2015 at 4:57 am

    Hi guys.

    My colleagues and I have been reading through the shotgun rules in order to clear up an ambiguity regarding line of sight. In our readings we have stumbled across rule 2.14 and we were wondering if it would be acceptable to add a clause somewhere in the rule-book regarding reloads in confusing situations, as a ‘quick-fix’. For example: If two riders were to run ahead of the driver and call shotgun before the driver can see who has actually called shotgun, would it not be sensible for a quickfire “reload” call to decide who wins the seat? This would also be especially useful in situations that involve those that don’t actually know the rules of “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock”, which, come on, is about 90% of the world’s population.

    Thanks in advance
    C J Barnsworth

  2. Casey Barnett July 21, 2015 at 8:26 am

    Christopher, thank you for your question and suggestion. Line of Site is only applied when the deed you are doing is outdoors and is a rule not for the driver, but rather for the person(s) calling shotgun. The Driver really has no say in who calls shotgun. It is only in the case that two people call shotgun at the same time that disputes are cleared up using Rock, Paper, Scissors, lizard, Spock. “Reloading” would give the driver control, by giving the driver control, the rules of shotgun are no longer necessary and therefore this is not an acceptable way to settle dispute.

    As far as the rules for Rock, Paper, Scissors, lizard, Spock, we equate these to know the off sides rule in Football(Soccer). Everyone knows the rudimentary rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and you are able to challenge using only the Rock Paper Scissors knowledge, however if, like the offsides rule, you understand the game at a deeper level, you can be rewarded, by knowing the full game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, if you have a winning hand. Get to know the full rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors, lizard, Spock, and you may be rewarded with a better seat in every car you ride in.

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