4.1 The Sentinel

//4.1 The Sentinel

4.1 The Sentinel

sentinelShotgunners are required to remain aware and alert to surrounding traffic and to warn the driver if he spots danger or a potential accident. This is especially important when there are many people in the car, which can cause the driver to become easily distracted.

4.1.1 As the Sentinel, you must also watch for police, speed traps, intersection cameras, pedestrians, farm equipment, families of ducks crossing the highway, cyclists and land mines. It is the shotgunners responsibility to ensure all rules of the road are followed as well.

4.1.2 If a driver receives a citation from the local authorities for something you should have been watching for in 4.1.1 you automatically lose you Shotgun privileges and should be turned in as a violator of the Shotgun Rules. (Speeding, Running Stop Signs, No Seatbelts, DUI, etc.)

4.1.3 In situations of imminent disaster, the standard warning phrase to blurt out is, “FIERY DEATH!”


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  1. […] 4.5.1 No Distracting the Driver. Although some vehicles come with hands free devices, the responsibility of Shotgun is to minimize all non-driving activities done by the driver. This also means Shotgun should not try to add distraction for the driver but showing the latest Vine, Snapchat, YouTube or Facebook post. Enjoy it for yourself and share it once you arrive. Remember you are also the Sentinel […]

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