2.17 No Digital Shotgun Calls

Shotgun may not be secured through any digital form, such as text message, email, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, IRC, AOL, or any other digital medium. You may not use any app to call shotgun. A shotgun caller must be present with the driver to call Shotgun. In cases where riders are picked up by [...]

1.6 Duration

Shotgun may be called for one ride, one final destination where a deed is to be done. When your final destination is reached, Shotgun no longer belongs to the original caller and may be claimed again. For rides lasting longer than 2 hours, Long Haul rule may apply. 1.6.1 Ancillary Stops If driver and passengers understand there [...]

4.9 Pokémon Go

Driving and playing Pokémon Go as the driver is strictly prohibited. Driving and playing Pokemon equals death. These rules will allow you to safely and efficiently track down and enslave all of your favorite Pokemon. 4.9.1 A Pokémon trainer is not eligible to claim Shotgun until after he/she has stopped playing Pokémon Go. If a [...]

4.8 The Gatekeeper

As shotgunner, you are responsible for opening and closing all manual vehicle gates to any areas your party may travel in while shotgun is in your control. When exiting the vehicle to open and close a gate you, as gatekeeper, retain your control of shotgun. You cannot lose shotgun due to leaving a vehicle to [...]

4.7 The Maitre D’

When riding in a 2 or 3 door car with a back seat, it is the responsibility of the Shotgunner to allow rear passengers in and out of the back of the car. This is not the driver's responsibility, regardless of the weather conditions! Who knows, they may even think you are a good person [...]

4.6 The DJ

The Shotgunner is responsible for controlling music selection and volume and he is expected to be conscientious of the other riders preferences. Just as the driver may not institute a Shotgun Dictatorship, the Shotgunner may not exercise a music dictatorship. Remember, just like in any great movie, you are setting the tunes for how your trip [...]

4.5 Text by Proxy

Drivers can only text by proxy through the Shotgunner. By extension this includes looking up information on the Internet by cell phone or other connected device, like movie times, parking spaces, navigation, Yelp Reviews, etc. If the Shotgun rider sees the driver texting and driving, he must scold the driver, take the cell phone away, [...]

4.4 The Churro

When patronizing a fast food drive-thru, the Shotgunner must proactively unwrap and prepare the driver's food so that it can be eaten with minimal driving distraction. In cases of heavy traffic, it might even be necessary to hand feed french fries or hot churros to the driver. After engaging in this potentially emasculating behavior, however, [...]

4.3 No Doze

Shotgun riders must keep the driver awake. This means that the Shotgunner must not sleep either. If sleep is needed, the Shotgun rider must move to the back and let someone else take over Shotgun. 4.3.1 If there is no one else available to ride shotgun and you must sleep (trading shifts on a cross [...]

4.2 The Navigator

Shotgun riders are responsible for navigation to the destination. This responsibility includes reading the map, driving directions on Google Maps or Apple Maps (good luck with that), watching for exits, and operating the GPS. Poor navigation by the Shotgun rider will result in loss of Shotgun privileges . 4.2.1 Although GPS and Navigation systems work wonderfully in [...]