Shotgun may not be secured through any digital form, such as text message, email, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, IRC, AOL, or any other digital medium. You may not use any app to call shotgun. A shotgun caller must be present with the driver to call Shotgun.

In cases where riders are picked up by the driver in separate locations, the first person picked up secures Shotgun for the duration of the ride. If the driver deems it so, based on the order of pickup, the shotgun seat must be forfeited for the follow exceptions no matter when the passenger was picked up:

  1. I Love My Mommy (3.1)
  2. Owner-Driver Switch (3.6)
  3. Significant Others (3.4)

These exceptions are not negotiable if invoked by the driver. All shotgunners are still held accountable for all Shotgun Responsibilities and may forfeit their position in shotgun by not fulfilling their duties.