New Rules

New Rules

new-rulesBecause Shotgun is a living entity and is constantly evolving for the greater benefit of mankind, new rules need to be created regularly. Anyone is welcome to implement their own rule if the situation arises. New rules often need to be created following a major discrepancy. The important thing to remember about this process is that the new rule does not take effect until the next car ride.

We try to keep these Official Shotgun Rules as simple and straightforward as possible. As with all things, simpler is usually better. If you have a new rule (or a modification to an existing rule) that you would like to propose, we would love to hear it.

Email us your rule ideas or contact us on Twitter @TheShotgunRules.



  1. nah March 10, 2015 at 9:31 am

    I “think” my group of friends made this up, and because of that we feel some shame, but this rule is called “Slippery Mexican.”

    The way this rule works is once normal claiming actions have been taken, someone who didn’t successfully claim shotgun may maneuver from any back seat to the passenger seat (via crawling, stepping, or even simply flopping through the gap between driver and passenger seats) after calling “Slippery Mexican.” This doesn’t need to be heard by the current holder of shotgun or the driver, they’ll simply find out when they get there. It does, however, need to be clearly and audibly heard by any other passengers that do not have the claim to shotgun and are not the driver.

    This rule has a counter though and it is called “Border Patrol.” This can be called by the current holder of shotgun, but only if/when they catch someone in the act of trying to Slippery Mexican into their seat. He/She who is trying to Slippery Mexican the shotgun seat must be fully seated (facing forward with their feet in an appropriate spot) before the current holder of shotgun finishes saying the phrase “Border Patrol” or else they must go back to a non-shotgun seat (explained in Note #3). The saying of “Border Patrol” needs to be clearly and audibly heard by someone whether it be the driver, the Slippery Mexican, or other passengers.


    1) Each passenger may only attempt a Slippery Mexican once per ride. This means that if you get Border Patrol called on you, then you can’t try again until the next ride. This leads to…

    2) There may be multiple Slippery Mexican attempts for a single ride. This means that each person in non-shotgun seats may make an attempt and the current holder of shotgun must remain vigilant and ready to call Border Patrol again/physically claim their seat or else they may lose it. If they catch one person, call Border Patrol, and then turn around for some reason, another person may sneak through and Slippery Mexican their seat.

    3) If you attempt a Slippery Mexican, you are essentially vacating your current claim. So if you don’t get shotgun and instead call window (or “shotty not bitch”, etc.) and then attempt a Slippery Mexican, another passenger (usually the one who got “bitch seat”) may claim the seat you left. If you get caught in the act and Border Patrol is called on you then you can try and claim whatever open seats are left (within normal shotgun rules), but you cannot make someone give up the seat you left if they legally claimed it. In short: Slippery Mexican is a risk. You can get the ultimate upgrade or you can get demoted. It’s worth a try if you’re stuck with the middle seat though because you can’t get go any further down the totem pole.

    4) Slippery Mexican/Border Patrol don’t apply to a passenger sitting in a front middle seat unless they go in through the back seats first.

    5) An attempt at a Slippery Mexican cannot be done while other passengers are figuring out who has the rightful claim. Only once there is a single agreed winner of the claim can this game begin.

    6) The owner of the car (if not driving) can’t be Slippery Mexican’d (unless they’re okay with it, but that’s more about their personal rule set.)

  2. For Real May 20, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    The driver need the ability to reset shotgun seat. If the driver feels it’s awkward to sit next to somebody he has the ability to call out Reload. This is strictly a driver privilege. But since this is a game, it’s not completely risk-free. If the driver gets fooled in any way to mention the word Reload before the shotgun-caller has sat down, it’s simply available to be claimed once again.

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