3.1 I Love my Mommy

//3.1 I Love my Mommy

3.1 I Love my Mommy

mommyMoms automatically get shotgun, period. If you make your mom sit in the back seat, you are a evil person.

3.1.1 The oldest generation mother to the driver has first rights to Shotgun. Example: Great Grandma of the driver, gets Shotgun before Grandma.

3.1.2 The driver’s mother gets shotgun, followed by the next alternate passenger’s mother.

3.1.3 In the case that the driver may have two mothers of the same generation along for the ride, they must call shotgun, but only they are eligible passengers to call Shotgun.


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  1. […] is included in the group of automobile passengers they automatically get Shotgun privileges, unless Mom is a passenger in the same car. SO’s relationship must be public to all other passengers in the vehicle to automatically […]

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