hitchhikersYou need a ride and the latest ride-sharing app is just a thumb away. Basically, you are just a bougie hitchhiker.

Hitchhikers cannot call Shotgun. They should be happy just to have a ride, and calling Shotgun in this situation is disrespectful.

3.2.1 There are scenarios in which a driver might prefer for their new companion sit upfront. If said companion looks like the mangy, stabbin’ kind of hitchhiker (Why did you pick them up in the first place?), you’re better off with him riding Shotgun so that he cannot jump you from behind the driver’s seat. Conversely, if he is the enlightened, peripatetic-wanderer kind of hitchhiker, he might offer you some type of gift or enlightenment for picking him up and you might honor him by inviting him to ride Shotgun.

3.2.2 When ride-sharing with Uber, Lyft or taxi, it is appropriate to fill all seats in the back of the vehicle before asking the driver to sit shotgun. Your group can call Shotgun, once the vehicle is in sight, but it is only with the driver’s permission that you can sit in Shotgun.