giraffeIf one of the riders of an automobile is extremely tall, and you have a small vehicle, your group of friends should consider granting that rider special Shotgun privileges. God has given this person a genetic gift/curse and forcing him in the back of a Subaru Justy or Mini Cooper could upset our world’s karmic balance.

Considerations for the Giraffe designation are ultimately subjective and should depend on just how tall the person is and just how small the back seats are. If you are the tall person, and your co-passengers won’t give you Shotgun, you should get some new friends.

3.3.1 Being a Giraffe does not entitle you to Shotgun unless the majority(50% or more) of passengers approve.

3.3.2 Giraffe status is determined by the other passengers in the car on a per ride basis. There are some cases where a Giraffe may be better off sprawled out sideways in the back seat than sitting Shotgun.