clock-durationShotgun may be called for one ride, one final destination where a deed is to be done. When your final destination is reached, Shotgun no longer belongs to the original caller and may be claimed again.

For rides lasting longer than 2 hours, Long Haul rule may apply.

1.6.1 Ancillary Stops
If driver and passengers understand there will be ancillary stops,  where all riders of the vehicle may not exit the vehicle, the Shotgunner retains their position. Examples of this include dropping off a passenger that is not the Shotgunner, before going to your final destination.

1.6.2 Drive Thru
For any rides that include a Drive Thru, Shotgun is retained by the original caller. You must use the drive thru for this rule to take hold. If the majority of your riders may enter the building, to get lunch, for example, the Shotgun duration is over.

1.6.3 One Call, One Ride
At no time can anyone call Shotgun for more than one ride.