PokeballDriving and playing Pokémon Go as the driver is strictly prohibited. Driving and playing Pokemon equals death. These rules will allow you to safely and efficiently track down and enslave all of your favorite Pokemon.

4.9.1 A Pokémon trainer is not eligible to claim Shotgun until after he/she has stopped playing Pokémon Go. If a player resumes playing Pokémon Go before reaching the car, he/she forfeits rights to Shotgun and it becomes available to other passengers.

4.9.2 Shotgun rider must be willing to catch Pokémon and check Pokéstops for the driver.

4.9.3 If requested, Shotgun rider must navigate to Pokéstops and Gyms and constantly scan for active Lure Modules.

4.9.4 Any passenger who can take a picture of a Clefairy in the shotgun seat (occupied or not) will earn exclusive Shotgun privileges in that car for 3 days. Email proof of your capture to info@shotgunrules.com to maybe have your image featured on our site.